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Free and Professional Mode

The Free mode expires on April 1st 2016.

Program Evaluation

When you download and install Forex Strategy Builder Professional, it starts in an evaluation (trial) mode for a period of 30 days. When the evaluation license has expired, you can continue use the program in Free mode.

During the evaluation mode you can use all program's features.

A warning message reminds you that you are in an Evaluation Mode. Evaluation License

Free Mode

You can switch the program in a Free mode in order to stop the warning messages, which reminds you the license status.

Switch to Free mode from the Control Panel → General Settings page. Use Free mode

Working on a Free mode, you'll be able to edit and trade strategies for an unlimited period of time. However, some program's features like Generator and Optimizer will be locked for use. Monte Carlo locked

Professional Mode

You can use a Professional mode during the initial trial period of the program. Once the trial period has expired, you have to purchase a license and register your program. See the License Management article for more details.

Features Comparison

The table below shows the major program's features availability in Free mode and in Professional mode.