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Trading Troubleshooting

This article describes the common problems and solutions for trading via MetaTrader 4.

1. Expert Cannot Find Library


When you attach the expert to MetaTrader, it reports that cannot load library file.

1.1 Reason 1

FSB-MT4 Bridge.dll is not placed on the proper path.


Check the proper installation of FSB-MT4 Bridge.dll. Follow these guides: automatic installation: Expert Installer, manual installation: FSB-MT4 Bridge - Manual Installation.

1.2 Reason 2

Missing prerequest Microsoft VC++ 2010 (x86) redistributable.


Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86). Note that the 64 bit version will not works.

2. Expert Reports Already Running


When you attach the FSB-MT4 Bridge to a MetaTrader4 chart, it doesn't run. It prints an error message on the chart “FSB-MT4 Bridge ID = xxx is already running on another chart!”.

Expert Already Running

2.1 Reason 1

The expert with the same Connection Id number is running on another MetaTrader chart.


Check all open charts for an attached FSB-MT4 Bridge with the same Connection Id. If you find one, close it. Now, you can return to the previous chart and to run the exert with the wanted Connection ID.

If you cannot find a running expert with this ID number, see Reason 2 below.

2.2 Reason 2

MetaTrader did not cleaned the expert lock variable on the previous close. It doesn't allow the expert to be run, because it thinks that the expert is already running.


You have to delete the locking variables of the expert.

Open “Global Variables” window of MetaTrader. It is located under Tools → Global Variables menu. Or you can chose to use the F3 shortcut.

Select the variable with the problematic connection Id and delete it.

MetaTrader Global Variables

3. Expert Connects and Disconnects


The expert prints repeatedly Connected and Disconnected status. This is a serious safety violation.

Connected and Disconnected

3.1 Reason 1

There are other instances of FSB or MT4 with connections with the same ID number.


Check all instances of the programs, all charts and strategies. Eliminate the repeating connections.

3.2 Reason 2

MT4 and FSB Pro are started as different users or with different privileges.


Stop FSB and MT4. Run the programs from the same user and with the same privileges. For example, run both programs as a normal user or as an administrator.