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Table of Contents

Auto Start

Trader Auto Start

The idea of this tool is to automatize processes of 1) loading strategies into FSB Pro; 2) connecting to the charts in MT and 3) starting the automatic trading.

This makes it possible to start MT4 and FSB Pro and have them trading right away.

If you are using VPS, you can add Forex Strategy Builder Professional to the Startup folder of the server Start menu and the program will be started automatically when the server starts.

Note that MT4 restarts the used experts with their respective parameters. You can add it also to the Startup folder.

1. Commands

Auto start – use this button to manually start the strategies from the list on the right.

Fill in current session – will take the strategies that are currently connected to MT4 and use their data (name and connection ID) to make a list for Auto Start.

Save script – allows you to save the Auto Start list to a file.

Auto start on FSB load – when enabled, FSB Pro will check the currently loaded list, load the present strategies and connect to MT4.

2. Strategy List

The strategy list consists of names of the strategies (those must be in the FSB Pro’s own User Files/Strategy folder). Each strategy and connection ID are on a new line, strategy name is surrounded with “ symbols and followed by a space character.