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Table of Contents

Strategy Explorer

1. Overview

Strategy Explorer

You can open the Strategy Explorer by using it’s icon on the toolbar or by doing to View → Strategy Explorer. This is a tool to allow you easy finding of strategies. The default folder it opens is in FSB Pro directory → User Files/Strategies.

To open a strategy – double click on its name. You can use Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple strategies and hit Enter to open them at once. If you hold Shift while selecting, it will select all strategies in between the first and the last one. If you hold Ctrl – it will select only the strategies you click. You can also hold the left button outside of a strategy name to use the selection rectangle tool to select more than one strategy.

2. Toolbar


Home – will take you to the User Files/Strategy folder

Up arrow – will take you to the parent folder

Opposite direction arrows – will synchronize the location of the Strategy Explorer with the currently selected strategy tab and select the strategy file.

Refresh button – refreshes the contents of the current folder. The Strategy Explorer is periodically updating its data about the contents of the current folder itself. This button is just there for you, if you need to make sure there is no delay in the update.

Open folder in File Explorer – will open the current folder in Windows Explorer

Browse to strategy folder – allows you to select another folder with strategies to navigate into