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Repository Indicators

Repository Indicators page is located under Repository Tab. It can be opened from the main menu View → Repository or from the main toolbar.

Repository Indicators

The Indicator Repository tool is very similar to the Strategy Repository. It lists all available custom indicators from the online repository.


Open in Browser - opens the Online Indicator Repository on our website in your browser.

Reload Index - downloads the indicators list from the online repository.

Search - filters the indicators as per the entered keyword. Clear the search field and repeat the search in order to see the full list again.

EA Support - when this toggle button is on, the page shows only indicators with MetaTrader code available. You can export strategies with such indicators as Expert Advisors.

Sort by – allows you to sort the indicators by Creation time, Title, Symbol, Period, Downloads, Views and Rating (voted by our users).

Clicking the Load button for any indicator will download and install it on your machine and will make it immediately usable in strategies.

The program saves the indicators in C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\Indicators folder. If an indicator has MQL code, it is saved in C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\MT4 Files\MQL\\Custom folder.