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Start Page

The Start Page provides various ways to open a new or a previously saved strategy. You can open it by clicking on the “house” icon on the main tool bar. The page appears in a tab on the main area of Forex Strategy Builder Professional. The Start Page will be automatically open when you start the program if the corresponding option is turned on. The Start Page also shows the program version text.

Start Page

1. Easy Start buttons

  1. New Strategy… button opens a new strategy on a new tab.
  2. Open Strategy.. opens an open file dialog window. You can choose a strategy file to open.
  3. Strategy Repo… buttons open the Strategy Collections / Repository page. You can download a strategy from our online store from there.

2. Recent Strategies

The Recent Strategies area shows the latest 10 strategies been used. You can open a strategy by a single click on a strategy name.

If you click on a name of a strategy that has been deleted or the file is missing, the corresponding name will be automatically removed from the list.

3. Available Strategies

Available Strategy

The Available Strategies takes the major part of the Start Page. It shows strategy tiles with the strategy name and the Balance / Equity chart. You can see more details if you put the mouse cursor over a specific tile.

  • The strategy tiles are arranged alphabetically.
  • The charts and the stats data are relevant to the data the strategy has been backtested. If you open the strategy on a new data set, the results will be different.
  • The tiles shows all strategy files contained by a single folder. By default this is the Strategy folder under the “User Files” folder. You can choose another folder to be displayed by using the “Select folder…” button (marked with 5 on the layout).

4. Startup Options

The startup options sets the behavior of the program when starts.

  • Show start page on startup
  • Save and restore last session - when this option is on, Forex Strategy Builder will restore all tabs and side panels being open during the last program close.
  • Close start page after strategy load - when this option is On, the Start Page will be closed when you open a strategy.