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Symbols Settings

1. Data Source

The Data Source is a group of settings for a given market. It describes the source of the data for the market. Usually different Data Sources target a different broker.

2. Available Symbols

Available Symbols

On the left side you can see the symbols in this Data Source. By selecting a symbol, you can see the data for it displayed on the right.

Below the list is a Delete button. Clicking it will remove the selected symbol. The only symbol that you cannot delete is EURUSD.

All settings for the symbols are stored in the Data Source.

3. Symbol Settings

Symbols Settings

Symbol - the textual representation of the trading instrument. In FSB Pro, symbols of the type “Forex” should consist of six capital letters. The first three letters represent the base currency. The latter three letters – the underlying currency.

Type - the type of the instrument. The available types are Forex, Index, CFD.

Comment – here you can enter a comment; this is for your own convenience and will not affect the program’s work

Digits – how many digits are there behind the digital mark in the price

Lot size – the amount of currency you buy for one lot. On the picture you can see that by buying one lot, you buy 100,000 EUR

Min lots – set by the broker; the minimal position you can open;

Lot step – set by the broker; what is the step of change between possible prices;

Spread – estimated in points; represents the difference between Bid and Ask price

Swaps – those apply when you decide to keep a position open over the bar’s end. This is a “rollover”. When you trade EURUSD for example, this means you are trading EUR and USD but both currencies have different interest rates. The swaps are the difference between the interest rates of the two currencies. Usually the brokers add their own interest rate to it too. - Swap long is the interest that you pay or get when you rollover a long position; - Swap short is the interest that you pay or get when you rollover a short position. When the number is positive it means that, the broker pays you. When it is negative – you pay the broker. It is safer to keep these values negative. - If you choose Money for these options, the currency, which FSB Pro will use, is the account’s currency.

Commission – usually in Forex, there are no commissions, but when you trading stocks or indexes, commissions are a part of the process.

Slippage – the money you lose when the order executes incorrectly. For example when the market moves fast. For EURUSD FSB Pro calculates the slippage in points. The point value depends on the Digits setting described above

Base price – in Forex this is always the underlying currency. If the symbol is not Forex-specific you will be able to set this value manually.

Base file name – when you change the market symbol in the Strategy Editor, FSB Pro will look for a file with a certain filename. This name consists from the symbol name and the period in seconds. Sometimes the brokers export MT data with some prefix symbol. This setting exists to let you specify the file name format you are using. On the right, you can see an example of the file name.

4. Add Symbol

Add Symbol

You can add new symbols by writing their name in this field and clicking Add Symbol. FSB pro will validate the name of the symbol, depending on the symbol type.