Our partners sell Expert Advisor Studio and Forex Strategy Builder Professional to their clients. They often package our products with live education or educational materials such as video courses, articles etc. They receive a nice commission for each sale and multiple other benefits all for free. You can explore the benefits of being a partner on our Become a Partner page.

Forex Software Ltd has more than 40 partners at the moment. You can also join to the group now!

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EA Forex Academy

"We are focused on ambitious traders who have the desire to improve their trading by using Algorithmic trading. We offer Top Software to create portfolio of strategies and hundreds of trading robots to use in Metatrader. Since 2017 we have created also forum so all algorithmic traders can exchange their ideas and experience. We have great variety of courses, starting from manual to algorithmic trading and even strategies for the most volatile crypto-currencies. The recent launched courses for Cryptocurrency Algorithmic trading and Bitcoin trading reached a high level of interest, because we look on these not as a currency to pay or an investment tool, but a volatile asset that you can take advantage of in trading. The secret for our success is that we trade many strategies and experts in one trading account. This way we diversify the risk and build a nice portfolio of strategies on different assets, strategies and time frames trading.


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Forex Robot Academy

"Forex Robot Factory is a new and easy way to automate the workflow of trading strategy programming, backtesting, optimizing and stress testing. Find your best Forex Robots today without creating anything yourself.


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Blue Capital Trading

"Blue Capital Trading is the #1 place for algorithmic trading. They are experts in their field, building educational content and tools, like Strategy Samurai, to support algorithmic traders. Their tools have been featured on FTMO and their trading strategies currently have nearly €100,000 in funding from Darwinex. Want to learn or earn from algorithmic trading? Invest in their strategies and use their tools to become a profitable algorithmic forex trader.