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Strategy Portfolio

The Strategy Portfolio tools is new addition to FSB Pro. It is a unique feature for the Forex backtesting market. It displays the profits of your strategies of choice, as if you traded them at the same time. Your strategies might have different backtest data, start and end point of backtest. However, the Portfolio tool will compute all of the difference and present them on a single chart.

Strategy Portfolio

1. Toolbar

Recalculate - recalculates the strategy portfolio. Usually FSB Pro will recalculate the Portfolio Chart and Statistics in real time. If you suspect this is not the case you can click the button to enforce a recalculation of the data by hand.

Export Portfolio - exports the Portfolio data to an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel file will have four columns: Date and combined Equity; Date and combined Balance;

2. Strategies

Here you can choose which of the currently opened strategies you want to compute in the Portfolio. Use the checkmarks to make your pick. Unchecked strategies will affect the Statistics and the Portfolio Chart.

3. Statistics

This table’s contents is standard data from the Portfolio backtest. Here we included a new parameter for FSB Pro – “Max stagnation period”. This parameter indicates the number of consecutive days where the strategy has not made any profits. In this case, this applies to all strategies in the Portfolio. Meaning that for an X amount of days none of the strategies made any profits. For example on the screenshot the statistics and the chart of the Portfolio look very nice and profitable, but the “Max stagnation period” parameter, shows you that none of the strategies made any profits for more than a year, which of course is not good.

4. Portfolio Chart

The chart represents the movement of the Equity and Balance of all strategies as if you traded them at once.

FSB Pro computes the Portfolio Chart in the Account’s currency. If the strategies you selected use different profiles, where the account currencies are different, the chart will use the first selected strategy’s account currency.

The orange zone indicates the “The max stagnation period”.