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Strategy Overview

The overview describes the strategy in text. Here FSB Pro generates a reading-friendly description of the strategy properties and the statistical parameters of the indicators.

You can use the overview saved as a HTML, Text file or post it in a forum to share the strategy’s logic and backtest performance. You can read how to do that below.

Strategy Overview

FSB Pro generates the strategy overview after the strategy is calculated. There is no way to have an overview on an empty strategy.


1. Description

You can easily enter a strategy description from the strategy editor by clicking on “Strategy Properties” slot. This will open an area where you can enter the text describing the strategy. This very same description will appear in the strategy overview too.

2. Logic

FSB Pro automatically generates this text. It describes when the strategy will open a position, close a position, what the trading size is, the types of protection etc.

3. Strategy Properties

Describes the first slot of the strategy

4. Indicator Slots

Describes the parameters of the indicators in detail.

5. Statistic Information and Account Statistics

The two tables named “Input Parameters” and “Account Statistics” represent the data that you would see in the editor tab in the fields of the same names.

6. Additional Statistics

This table holds the data from the additional statistics panel.


Publish to Forum

Save As – will let you save the overview into a HTML or Text file

Print – will print the overview for you

Page setup – make final adjustments before printing the overview

Print preview – see how the printed overview will look like

BBCode - generate BB code for easy post in the support forum. This will give you the overview in a format you can just copy and paste to our support forum.