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Intrabar Statistics

Intrabar Statistics page shows info about the loaded intrabar data sets, provides statistical information and loading error messages. Contains commands for unloading unused files and opening the data folder.

Intrabar Statistics page is a sub-page of the History Center main page. You can access it by opening the History Center from the main toolbar and clicking on the “Intrabar Stats” side bar tab.

Intrabar Statistics page

The page is divided on the following areas:

  1. Commands;
  2. Loaded Intrabar Sets;
  3. Intrabar Data Statistics;
  4. Loading Data Errors;

1. Command Toolbar

  • Release Unused Data - Forex Strategy Builder Professional keeps the recently loaded files in the computer memory. In that way you can switch between the data very fast. However the more files are loaded, the more memory is used. You can unload the unused intrabar data sets by this commands.
  • Open Data Directory - opens the data containing folder for the currently selected data set.

2. Loaded Intrabar Sets

This field shows all currently loaded data set. A record line shows the main data period in the following format: DataSourceName; Symbol; Period. FSB Pro loads all available shorter periods automatically. These periods are called Intrabar periods.

3. Intrabar Data Statistics

Intrabar Data Statistics table shows statistical information and represents the data distribution about the currently selected intrabar data set.

 Intrabar Data Statistics

This example shows that the main data period is D1. This is the period selected in the Editor page. When intrabar scanning is allowed in the Control Panel, FSB Pro loads all available intrabar data automatically. We see that there are loaded data from D1 to M1. The Count column shows how many bars are loaded for each intrabar period. This count can be limited by the Data Horizon tool.

The colored bar at the bottom shows the data distribution. Currently all D1, H4 and H1 data bars are covered by the M30 bars. In that case FSB Pro will use the shorter periods in order to improve the backtest quality.

4. Loading Data Errors

If FSB Pro detects errors in the intrabar files, it shows them in the “Loading Data Errors” text box.