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Table of Contents

User Interface Overview

Main User Interface

There are seven zones:

  1. Main Menu
  2. Toolbar Menu
  3. Notification Area
  4. Tabs
  5. Right side panels
  6. Bottom panels
  7. Status bar

There are five general types of tabs:

  1. Start Page - shows a list of the last opened strategies and gives you fast access to load more strategies off-line or on-line
  2. History Center - allows you to operate your data files
  3. Repository Tab - load off-line strategy collections or download some from the on-line repository.
  4. Control Panel Tab - program-wide settings for FSB Pro
  5. Strategy Tab - Shows an open strategy

In strategy tabs the title is always the title of the current strategy.

You can close each tab by clicking with the middle button/scroll of your mouse.

There are some additional panels that can be opened to accompany your work (Bottom panels):

  • Output Log - Shows additional information, warnings, errors and hints concerning your latest actions ant the program's status
  • Trade Status - Shows any currently open positions
  • Trade Journal - Shows a log of the trading operations

There are some additional panels that can be opened to accompany your work (Right side panels):

Main Menu

  • File
    • New Creates and opens a new empty strategy 
    • Open lets you select and open a saved strategy, you can also select multiple strategies to open at once (this command will use the latest location you opened a strategy from)
    • Open Default - opens the default strategy directory (C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\Strategies)
    • Save - saves the strategy from the active tab
    • Save as - saves the strategy from the active tab as a new file
    • Close - closes the current tab
    • Save all - saves all open strategies
    • Close all - closes all tabs
    • User Files Folder… - opens C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files where all user data lives
    • Exit Program - Closes FSB Pro
  • Edit
    • Undo, Redo - those commands can be applied to the active strategy tab. Those are usable only if the strategy has been changed since the tab is opened.
    • Copy Strategy, Paste Strategy - allows you to copy a strategy to the clipboard, you can copy and paste strategies between FSB Pro to FSB or copy and paste strategies from the on-line repository to FSB Pro.
  • View
    • Has commands to open all possible types of tabs and panels
    • Main Toolbar - allows you to disable/enable the Main Toolbar
    • Status Bar - allows you to disable/enable the Status Bar
  • Account
    • Account Settings - opens Control Panel > Account
  • Market
    • Symbol Settings - opens Control Panel > Symbols
    • Data Horizon - opens Control Panel > Data Horizon
    • Data Sources - opens Control Panel > Data Sources
    • Download History Data - opens History Center > Data Download
    • Import JForex Data Files - opens History Center > JForex Import
  • Strategy
    • Recalculate Strategy - recalculates the active strategy
  • Trading 
    • Start/Stop Trade All - Starts/Stops trading all connected strategies
    • Trader Auto Start - automatically start trading a list of strategies
    • Install MetaTrader 4 Expert… - Starts the expert installer for MT4
    • MetaTrader 4 Expert Files - shows you the directory containing the expert files. You can use those if you wish to install the expert manually
  • Help
    • View Online Help - link to the online help on
    • Support Forum - communicate with our team and users on the support forum
    • Purchase License - will take you to the Purchase License page online where you can buy a license for FSB Pro
    • Enter License Code –link
    • About - shows the current licensing status of the program, the version and other information

Main Toolbar

Main Toolbar

This menu contains shortcuts to the commands in the Main Menu, it consists of 4 general parts:

  • Commands
  • Main Tabs (Start Page, History Center, Strategy Collections, Control Panel)
  • Bottom panels (Output Log, Trade Status, Trade Journal)
  • Right-side panels (Additional Statistics, Strategy Explorer, Portfolio)