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Table of Contents

Command Console

 Command Console

You can open the Command Console from View → Command Console menu item. It appears to the right of the main program's area.

Command Console presents a way to execute textual commands for displaying additional information about the strategies and the backtest results.

1. Command Input

This is a text box where you enter a command and press “Enter”.


help - Shows the commands list.

clr - Clears the screen.

pos # - Shows the parameters of position #.

ord # - Shows the parameters of order #.

ind # - Shows the indicators for bar #.

str - Shows the active strategy.

2. Output

The commands results are shown here. This text box allows you to select and copy the text.

Example of pos 300 command. It shows the info of position No 300.

  Pos Numb             300
  Transaction          Transfer
  Direction            Short
  Opening Bar          565
  Order Number         245
  Order Price          1.34435
  Position Lots        1
  Position Price       1.3440067
  Req. Margin [EUR]  1000
  Abs Permanent SL     0
  Abs Permanent TP     0
  Break Even Activated False
  Spread      [points] 0.00
  Rollover    [points] -1.33
  Commission  [points] 0.00
  Slippage    [points] 0.00
  Floating PL [points] 4348.67
  Profit Loss [points] 0.00
  Balance     [points] 28327.80
  Equity      [points] 32676.47
  Spread      [EUR]  0.00
  Rollover    [EUR]  -1.00
  Commission  [EUR]  0.00
  Slippage    [EUR]  0.00
  Floating PL [EUR]  3343.79
  Profit Loss [EUR]  0.00
  Balance     [EUR]  29411.39
  Equity      [EUR]  32755.18