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Account Settings

Account Settings

1. Profile

Profiles contain settings for FSB Pro, they include settings of many things, one of which is the Account. Each Profile has only one array of Account Settings in it. Here you can choose which Profile’s Account Settings you would like to edit.

2. Account Settings

Account currencyFSB Pro allows two options for your account currency – USD and EUR. All backtest statistics will use this currency.

Initial account – a very important parameter. Represents the amount that is in the account at the start of the backtest.

Leverage – this is the ratio to the required margin the program will use at a backtest.

Statistics Unit – lets you select the type of units that FSB Pro will use for statistical information

Statistics unit

  • Display information in currency
  • Display information in points

3. Account Exchange Rate

Account Exchange Rate - updated

The Account Exchange Rate area lets you set the rates. Those are mandatory to set, since FSB Pro calculates all your strategy backtest based on the Account Currency from the previous panel. Depending on your Account currency, the exchange rate might be in a different relation to the strategy’s symbol currencies. That relation might result in the Account Exchange Rate to be equal to the Deal price, to be unused or to equal a certain value. When you change the currency pair in “Data source and Symbol”, you will see the contents of the boxes below will also change. When the exchange price cannot be determined from the strategy/account relationship or from the broker, the account exchange rate will be manually changeable. However you can easily set it’s values using the “Update” button below, which will take the rates for the present currency rates from the Internet.