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License Management

Forex Strategy Builder Professional starts in trial mode after download and installation. The trial license allows you to test the program for a period of 15 days. The program is fully functional during the trial period.

When the trial license expires, the program continues working in read-only mode - saving strategies and exporting Expert Advisors are possible after purchasing a Professional license.


You can purchases a license from our Purchase page.

When we receive the payment, we will send you an email with your license code. The license code is an encrypted line of text like this:


Copy the code from your email and paste it in the License Code box in the program. You can reach the License box from HELPEnter License Code… menu item.

Enter License Code Menu

Please Copy/Paste the code carefully. Even a minor change in the code will prevent its validation.

License Management Form

After pasting the code in the code box, press the “Activate License” button. License activation requires Internet connection.

Transfer License

A valid license can be transferred from one machine to another of the same licensee. You have to use this feature before reinstalling your operating system.

You do not have to enter the license during a deactivation. However, you will need it later, when you are activating a new or a preinstalled machine.

If you deactivate a license from a machine, you cannot reactivate it on the same machine again. The only way to activate a deactivated license on a machine is to reinstall the operation system.

Transfer license box