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Data Statistics

Data Statistics page is a sub page of the History Center tab page. It reviews the currently loaded main data fails, provides data statistics and contains commands for manipulating the files.

 Data Statistics

1. Command Toolbar

  • Release Unused Data - Forex Strategy Builder Professional keeps the recently loaded files in the computer memory. In that way you can switch between the data very fast. However the more files are loaded, the more memory is used. You can unload the unused data files by this commands.
  • Open Data Directory - opens the data containing folder for the currently selected data file.
  • Reload Selected File - the program reloads the selected file. Data files currently used by the Generator or the Optimizer cannot be reloaded.
  • Reload All Files - all files are reloaded except those used currently by the Generator or the Optimizer.

2. Loaded Data

Loaded Data area shows a list of all currently loaded main files. Please note that some of these files may not be currently used by the program. You see on the screenshot that there is only one strategy loaded at the moment. This means that most probably only one file is used. Other shown files are been used recently and are kept in the memory for faster access. Forex Strategy Builder constantly monitors the usage of data files and if there are files that can be safely unload, it makes the Release Unused Data command active.

Each record of the listbox shows one loaded file in the following format: DataSourceName; Symbol; Period. All additional information relates to the currently selected file.

3. Data Statistics

This field shows statistic information for the currently selected data file. FSB Pro calculates the stats info upon loading a data file.

4. Data Settings

Data Settings field shows an overview of the settings made in the Data Source and Data Horizon pages of the Control Panel.

5. Symbol Parameters

Symbol Parameters show the settings made in the Symbol page of the Control Panel.

6. Loading Output

Loading Output shows all filtering and error messages from the data loading module.