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A profile is a set of settings. It includes the Backtester, the Balance/Equity Chart, the Account and the Acceptance Criteria settings.

Control Panel - Profiles

You select a profile in the Editor Page. When you change the selected profile, the program loads its settings and recalculates the strategy. The strategy result depends on the selected profile and its settings. A strategy keeps the name of its profile. When you open a strategy, FSB Pro checks the profile name and loads the particular settings before recalculating the strategy.

Strategy Editor - Profiles

1. Available Profiles

Profiles list - this list box contains the names of all available profiles. If you have several profiles, you can change their position by drag and drop. The profiles appear in the Strategy Editor drop-down menu at the same order they are listed here.

Delete Profile… - you can delete a profile if there is no currently open strategy that uses the selected profile.

2. Profile Settings

Description - you can set a description to the profile here.

3. Add Profile

Adding a new profile

Profile name - the name of the profile you are going to create.

Copy settings from profile - optionally you can copy all settings from another profile.

Add New - adds the new profile to the list. The new profile appears also in the drop-down menu of the Editor Page for all open strategies.