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FSB-MT4 Bridge Installer

This article is about the automatic install. If you need to install the bridge manually - refer to this article FSB-MT4 Bridge - Manual Installation.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional is able to trade forex strategies via MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The connection between the two programs is possible trough an Expert Advisor and a library (*.dll) file respectively named FSB-MT4 Bridge.mq4 and FSB-MT4 Bridge.dll.

The Expert Installer finds all currently installed MetaTrader 4 terminals you have and installs the necessary expert and library files. If you prefer, or if the Expert Installer cannot find your MetaTrader terminal, you can install the expert manually: FSB-MT4 Bridge - Manual Installation.

The Bridge Installer will be run during the installation of Forex Strategy Builder Professional. However, you can also run it by hand from Trading → Run Bridge Installer… command.

Install MetaTrader 4 Bridge...

You have to close all MetaTrader terminals you are running at the moment.

Bridge Installer

The FST-MT4 Bridge Installer will automatically add the files (“FSB-MT4 Bridge.mq4”, “FSB-MT4 Bridge.dll”) to your MT4 installation.

Proceed with step 2 and click “Install FSB-MT4 Bridge”.

If the all the files were installed correctly you will see a “Done!” message in the log at the bottom of the window.

Now you can connect Forex Strategy Builder Professional to MetaTrader 4: Connecting to a MT4 Chart.