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Data Download

Data Download page makes downloading updated history data possible. It is a sub-page of the History Center main page. You can access it by opening the History Center from the main toolbar and clicking on the “Data Download” side bar tab.

This tool will download all periods between M1 and W1 for the markets you have selected.

Data Download page

With the Data Download tool you download data only from our data server. Our data service collects tick data from DukasCopy and composes bars for downloading from FSB Pro.

By changing the Data Source from the drop-down list, you select where the downloaded data to be saved. The default is “FSB Demo data”, but you can make a different Data Source and to download the new files there. A reason to do that is, for example, if you do not want the new data to override the old files.

1. Symbols

Here you select the currency pair data that you want to download. You cannot add more currency pairs here. This is because the list represents all the currency pair data stored on our servers.

2. Data Source

A Data Source in FSB Pro is the path to a data folder on computer (and some additional parameters about it). FSB Pro supports multiple Data Sources. You can create and manage them from the Control Panel. Any new data you download will overwrite the old data in the current data source folder.

If you have data from different sources, it is a good practice to create a new data source for each source of data.

3. Download

When you are ready with selecting the currency pair data you want to download, just click the “Download” button.

4. Output Log

After you start the download process, the Output Log area will display each new data file that FSB Pro has downloaded.