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Quick Start

You have Forex Strategy Builder Professional (FSB Pro) up and running, right! If not, download it from the Download page, run the installer and press Next, Next, Next… until you have it running.

1. Download History Data

Fast Data Download

FSB Pro is a backtester. It calculates a forex strategy against historical market data. Hence, the first thing you have to do is download data. There are several ways for importing data, but the easiest one is the integrated data download service.

  1. Press Download button

2. Set a Virtual Account

Account Settings

You set a virtual account in FSB Pro in the same way you set a demo account at a forex broker.

  1. Open the Account Settings from the Account menu.
  2. Set the initial account sum.

If you want, you can change the account currency (between EUR and USD) or changing the account leverage.

3. Set Market and Trade Amount

Set Initial Strategy

You are ready to open a new strategy and to set the trading environment:

  1. Open a new strategy in Strategy Editor
  2. Select Symbol and Period for the historical data. When you do it, the program will load the files automatically.
  3. Edit the Strategy Properties options by clicking on the Strategy Properties box. An options panel will appear.
  4. Set count of lots for opening a new position.

4. Generate a Strategy

Fast Run Generator

Forex Strategy Builder Professional provides you a way to generate a strategy automatically. You can do it by using the Strategy Generator.

  1. Open the Generator.
  2. Press the Start button.

Depending on your starting settings, Generator will find numerous strategies and will show you the best one. It normally works 5 minutes. If the Generator is not finding a strategy, change the initial settings.

Generator must be a pretty fast on the default strategy and account settings.

Now that you are ready with generating your strategy, learn how to optimize it