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Feedback form experienced traders!

I'm loving Express Generators ability to rapidly work through 2.8 million strategies in about 6 minutes, and ascend 100,000 strategies (my settings), into a collection of 10,000 strategies, which I can then upload into EAS, using some acceptance criteria, and then sort them, and add the top 50 of the best to a portfolio to export.

If EAS can generate 5,000 strategies in an hour, and keep 300, then being able to generate 100,000 > 10,000 > 300 > 50 surely = the creme de la creme of strategies for the next 24 hours. In my book, thats an edge!


I cannot tell you how excited I am for express gen Popov!!๐Ÿ˜‚

I estimate with same computing power I will be able to create the collections I want 10x faster with half my manual time with just the generator and validator part๐Ÿ˜Ž

IThen when the other tools such as Monte Carlo and normalised included for sure my manual time will at least half again.

Will be absolutely incredible, especially now that EA studio can import to FSB Pro. Feels like all the software works together super smoothly now to make everything much more powerful as a system.

HUGE development!!๐Ÿ˜Ž


World's Fastest Backtester

Express Generator is 3-4 times faster than EA Studio on same data and settings.

Hugely versatile

Having various custom settings and command files you can easily run different workflows.

Very efficient

Express Generator consumes very little resources. Yuo can run multiple instances in parallel and any hardware.

Settings easy to use

All available settings are in a single INI file with comments and examples.

Compatible with FSB Pro and EA Studio

Express Generator generates collections, which are compile with FSB Pro and EA Studio.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo simulations are included in the application for generating new, and validation existing collections.

Express Generator Tutorials

Watch Express Generator design and tutorial videos.

Express Generator is included in Mega Pack and Ultimate Pack

It is also available as an upgrade to existing EA Studio or FSB Pro users

Express Generator comes with a lifetime license. You receive all future updates and upgrades for free for the lifetime of the product.

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Easy to Command and Control

Custom setting files

Express Generator uses a default settings file in INI format. We choose it because it is human-readable and allows comments.

We made it possible to have custom settings files, which overrides the default options. You specify only the options you want to change, which makes it easy for customization.

Express Generator - fetch historical data

Command Line Parameters

Express Generator runs from the shell.

We use PowerShell or Command Prompt under Windows. However, all other terminals are supported - git Bash, Cygwin, or Mingw-w64. You can use PowerShell under macOS and Linux, or to use the native SH or Bash.

The command Line parameters override the settings files options.

All settings files options can be used as command line parameters ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

Express Generator - fetch historical data

Automated Workflows

The screenshot to the right shows how one command starts another command with four different settings.

The best is that once we have different configurations we can run them with one click.

Express Generator - fetch historical data

Fetch FX rates and Historical data

  Fetch forex data

Express Generator fetches FX rates: node .\bin\fetch.js --fx-rates true

Express Generator can fetch historical data from our Premium Data service. It accesses all the major 28 forex symbols, cryptocurrencies, indices and some major stocks.

We specify the symbol or symbols we want to fetch, the periods and the length of the data series. node .\bin\fetch.js --symbols EURUSD GBPUSD --periods M5 M15 M30 --max-data-bars 50000

We can change the data timezone. For example, teh Central European Time UTC +1 is node .\bin\fetch.js --time-zone 1

Express Generator - fetch historical data

Generate Strategies into a Collection

  Express Generator features

The main goal of Express Generator is to generate new strategies into collections for EA Studio and FSB Pro. The application has most of the EA Studio capabilities but is much faster and consumes less resources.

  • Historical data - use Premium Data by setting symbol and period or use data files exported from your MetaTrader.
  • Input collections - you can specify one or several collections or collection folders for loading and validation.
  • Output collections - use placeholders for meaningful names of the generated collections.
  • Validate then Generate - this feature is useful to validate a collection and then to continue generating new strategies to it.
  • Custom collection size - Express Generator supports an unlimited Collection size.
  • Correlation analysis - the Collection recognises and resolves Balance Line, and similar logical rules correlations.
  • Generator limitations - you can stop the Generator by time, ascended strategies or calculated strategies.
  • Acceptance Criteria - most common backtest stats are supported including Stagnation and R-Squared.
  • Account Settings - set your account currency, initial amount and entry lots.
  • Trade direction modes - long-only trading mode is supported.
  • Opposite direction signals - it can reverse a position on an opposite signal.
  • Stop loss and Take Profit - adjustable SL and TP usability and ranges.
  • Data Horizon - set the start date, the end date and the count of bars for the test.
  • Out of sample - very convenient start and end data range percents.
  • Trading Session - session open and session close hours. Options for trading on Sunday. Options for closing at the end of the session.
  • Symbol info - custom swap, spread, and commission.
  • Indicators usage - you can set which indicators to be used by the Generator.
  • Auto-save collection - Express Generator can export intermediate collection files.
  • Optimizer - possibility to generate and optimize strategies, or to optimize previously exported collections.
  • Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo validations with own Acceptance Criteria
Express Generator - generate strategies