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MT4 HST Import

MetaTrader HST Import

1. MT4 History Data Import

Input directory – lets you select the folder with the historical data (*.hst) files from MT4. You insert any path there, including the path to MT4’s own directory, where its history files are stored.

Output directoryFSB Pro will save the processed files in this directory. You can use any folder to output the files. For easier use, you can also pick a folder within a FSB Pro’s Data Source folder.

From date – start date of the processed records

To date – end date of the processed records

Maximum number of bars to import – the maximum amount of bars that will be imported. If the number of the bars in a file is greater than this value, FSB Pro will trim the remaining bars and save the data. You can set this parameter have a value up to 100 000.

MT4 HST Import Help – a link to the MT4 HST Data Import tutorial

Import - clicking the button will start the import process. The upper green bar will show the import status of the current file. The lower bar will shows the status of the whole import process, considering all files that are to be imported.

2. Output Log

The Output Log shows the name of each imported file; the symbol of the data; the period of the data; how many bars are in the file;

If the bars are less than the “Maximum number of bars to import” number, FSB Pro will convert and save them to a file in the Output directory.

If there are too many bars in a file, you will see:

  • Cutting out – how many bars are left unprocessed
  • Remaining – how many bars have been converted to FSB Pro usable data
Importing: USDJPY5.hst
USDJPY M5 - bars: 1096100
Cutting out: 996100 bars
Remaining: 100000 bars