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Quick Start

You can create an Expert Adviser with EA Studio by following a few easy steps:

1. Set Your Account

You set a virtual account in EA Studio in the same way you set a demo account at a forex broker. To do it, go to the Settings tab and select your account currency, initial account amount, and the leverage. Make sure these settings correspond to your broker's account in order to get the same results later in MetaTrader.

Account Settings

2. Select a Market

EA Studio is a backtester. It calculates an Expert Advisor against historical market data. Hence, the second thing you have to do is to load data. You can do so from the Editor page. Select the trading server, the symbol and the period. When you change a parameter, EA Studio will load the data automatically.

Load Data

You can see more about the loaded data in the Editor’s “Market Info” panel.

3. Generate an Expert Advisor

Generate Expert Advisor

EA Studio allows you to automatically create Expert Advisors using the Generator.

Visit the Generator page; Set the Entry lots; Press the Start button. Depending on your starting settings the Generator will find a number of experts and will show you the best one. By default, the Generator will work for 3 minutes but you can stop it at any time. You can see more information about the current best EA in the Balance chart and the Backtest results.

4. Export the Expert Advisor

When your EA is ready, you can send it to the Editor by pressing the green Edit button. Your Expert Advisor will be transferred to the Editor page. You can review and edit it.