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Expert Advisor Studio - User Guide

EA Studio is the only online generator for trading strategies. With EA Studio you can create Experts for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 comfortably, easily and reliably. You do not need to to have knowledge of any programming languages because EA Studio does all of the coding for you.

At the core of the program, is an advanced backtesting algorithm, similar to that in MetaTrader's Strategy Tester, but much faster. The program is so fast, that it can create and backtest strategies automatically.

EA Studio has several core components:

The Generator

The Generator creates and tests strategies automatically. The Generator stores the best strategies in the Collection. When you generate a strategy you can export it as an Expert Advisor with a single click of your mouse, or send it to the Editor for review and tuning.

The Collection

When you create strategies manually or use the Generator, the program collects the most profitable strategies in a collection. You can sort the collected strategies by a specific statistical parameter and send them to the Editor for review or export. You can also export the complete collection for later revalidation and use.

The Editor

With the Editor, you can create and edit strategies by setting indicators and parameters. When you edit the strategy, EA Studio calculates the backtest on historical data, displays the most important stats and draws the balance and indicator curves on a chart. Since EA Studio backtest is so fast, you can adjust your strategies while looking at their charts. When you find a strategy to your liking you can export it as an Expert Advisor.

The Report

When a strategy is in the Editor you can go to Report to see extensive information about its backtest results. The Report page contains the full statistical information, charts and trade Journal from the historical test.

Exporting Expert Advisors

You can export your Expert Advisors for use in MetaTrader. The exported experts use only standard MT indicators, which makes it very easy to use the experts in MT or to upload the files to a VPS.

You can confirm the proper performance of the experts with the MetaTrader Strategy Tester (in MT go to View → Strategy Tester) and with a demo test on unknown data. If your tests are good, you can use your experts for real trading.

The idea with EA Studio is that an Expert Advisor with a good backtest and a corresponding forward demo test 'may' generate real profits.

Please be extremely careful when trading with real money and always consider your risks.