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Account Settings

Account info

In this page you can set your account information.

  • Account currency - set your account currency.
  • Initial account - set the initial account to be equal to your account at your broker. When you u use lower account, you have to trade with lower lot sizes.
  • Leverage - set the leverage you have at your broker. EA Studio supports values from 1/1 to 1/500.

Trading Session

General settings

  • Start the backtest from bar 100 - Many indicators require a specific amount of bars to draw their curves. This option makes sure all indicators will have sufficient data to provide trading signals for the backtest.
  • Close the position at the end of the backtest

Correlation analysis

You can read more about Correlation analysis in the Collection article.

  • Correlation analysis threshold - The coefficient that EA Studio use when deciding if two strategies are correlated.
  • Detect balance lines correlation - Strategies will be considered correlated if they have a similar balance curves.
  • Detect strategies with similar trading rules - EA Studio will consider strategies are correlated if they have similar trading rules.

Settings management

  • Reset all settings - Sets all EA Studio settings to their default values.
  • Export settings - Exports all EA Studio settings as a JSON file so you can import them later or give them to someone to import into their EA Studio.
  • Import settings - Allows you to import a previously exported settings JSON file.