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Strategy Properties

Strategy Properties

Strategy Properties is the first information box of the central page column just above the Entry rules section. The box shows the trading amount, the Stop Loss, and the Take Profit.

When you click on the box the Strategy Properties panel appears on the left hand side.

When the Strategy Properties panel is open, you cannot edit the other parts of the expert. You have to close the panel first.

There are two control buttons:

The Cancel button cancels all settings you have made and leaves the expert unchanged. The Accept button applies your settings to the expert. EA Studio recalculates the expert immediately and shows the corresponding stats and charts.

Entry lots

You set the trading amount in lots. The real currency amount depends on the number you set and the lot size of the symbol. For example, if the lot size of your broker for that symbol is 100 000 and you use Entry lots = 0.1, EA Studio will open position of 10 000.


EA Studio protects the open positions by using Stop Loss and Take Profit. The protections options can be switched on and off. When they are enabled, the backtesting algorithm of the program will use the numeric values you set. The same values are also used in the exported Expert Advisors.

Stop Loss is a protection to the strategy in a case when the market goes against our position. It is placed always below a long position or above a short position.

Take Profit closes a position on a profit after the market has moved in you favour with a predefined number of points.

It is important to remember that you set the protection values in pips. Be careful with that because a pip has a different value depending on the number of decimal digits in the quotation of your broker.