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Premium Data

EA Studio provides quality historical data for generating and testing strategies. The data bars series are composed of DukasCopy tick data.


You can set the timezone of the Premium Data. When you do it, EA Studio automatically applies the corresponding time shift.

Premium Data Timezone

The Timezone settings work for M1, M5, M15, M30, and H1 timeframes only.

We cannot apply timezone shift on H4 and D1 bars because they will differ from the real bars of your broker. The shape of H4 and D1 bars depends on the lower timeframe bars they are constructed of. It means that teh H4 and D1 bars from different timezones have a different shape.


You can select which symbols are visible in the Symbol menus in EA Studio. You can hide the symbols you don't use to make the Symbol menu tidier.

Premium Data Symbols