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Portfolio Summary


Data source, symbol and period - The first three drop-downs are used to select the data the Portfolio tool will use.

Calculate - When data changes you will need to recalculate the strategies backtests and the portfolio statistics. This button will turn orange as soon as something needs recalculating. Click it to recalculate.

Progress - Shows the amount of the strategies that need recalculating have been recalculated so far.

Export - Portfolio Expert Hedging MT4 - Export an Expert Advisor that includes all the strategies in the Portfolio.

Balance Chart

The Balance Chart shows the total balance of the Portfolio.

Market Info

Shows the loaded market data, the start and the end date of the data and the market spread. If you are using the Data Horizon settings the Portfolio will apply them too.

Portfolio Stats

Shows the summary stats of all strategies in the portfolio.

You can read more about the stats in the Report article