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Table of Contents

Portfolio Content

The second tab of the Portfolio page is the 'Content tab' and it displays the portfolio strategies. It provides you with many useful options. For instance, you can sort, filter, and recalculate any strategies, or remove the ones that are correlative

The Content tab in the Portfolio shows the strategies in the Portfolio. Additionally it allows you to sort, filter and recalculate the strategies and remove any correlated strategies.


Calculate - Recalculate the strategies' backtest and Portfolio statistics for the current set of strategies and data.

Progress - The amount of the recalculation work has been done so far.

Download - Download a collection file with the strategies in the portfolio. (If you are looking to export a Portfolio Expert Advisor you can get it on the Summary tab)

Upload - Upload a collection of strategies to the Portfolio.

Remove all - Remove all strategies in the Portfolio

Sorting and Filtering

The Portfolio's sorting and filtering features work in the same way as in the Collection.