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Building Forex Strategies

These Forex strategies have only been designed to provide you with information. They are not real trading offers.

The strategies listed here have been chosen to demonstrate various methods for technical analysis and various techniques of implementation of the indicators included in Forex Strategy Builder and Forex Strategy Trader.

We are doing our best to make testing of forex strategies by means of Forex Strategy Builder as reliable as possible. Nonetheless, nobody is safe from making mistakes. The authors of and the listed below strategies cannot be held liable for any loss caused by forex trading.

Strategy Tutorial

The following strategies are included in the distribution of Forex Strategy Trader. They form a tutorial revealing the main strategy structure used by both programs - Forex Strategy Builder and Forex Strategy Trader. If you are new with these pieces of software, please read the descriptions in the presented order. A backtest result of the strategies is not included since they are not designed for trading.

Basic Forex Strategies

Demonstration of the basic rules of the Technical Analysis.

Fractal - Bar Closing

Fractal Reversal