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Trading rules

Our Binary Options Strategies consist of three parts:

  • Properties – the investment amount and the option’s Expiry;
  • Up Rules – indicators that determine conditions for opening an Up position;
  • Down Rules – indicators that determine conditions for opening a Down position;

Every part of the strategy is responsible for a specific task. In order to make the strategies fast and reliable we provide a predefined structure. This is probably the major difference between the strategies created with BO Tester and the experts written manually in MQL. Here all experts follow a specific design, which guarantees that the backtest and the following MetaTrader trade or signals will be equal. You may think at first that this is a limitation, but that concept has several advantages:

  • it provides an unlimited number of combinations;
  • the backtest is extremely fast and it makes possible automatic generation of strategies;
  • the backtest is extremely reliable;
  • live trading signals correspond to the backtest signals;

BO Tester follows strict trading rules

  1. All positions open at the beginning of a bar. We use the term Bar Open to identify that. Bar Open is the first tick of a new bar.
  2. The strategies are symmetrical – the Down trading rules are exactly opposite to the Up entry rules. This principle guarantees that the strategies work on both bullish and bearish markets.
  3. As a side effect of the above principle, you set only the Up trading rules in the indicator slots.
  4. BO Tester opens position when all the conditions in the Up rule or Down rule section are satisfied.
  5. If there is no Entry Rules, or all available Entry Rules are satisfied in both directions, the program does not open a position.
  6. All options expire after a preset Expiry period. Since we open at Bar Open, the expiry happens exactly at a later Bar Open also.
  7. The Expiry period is divisible by the data time frame. This design pattern allows us to backtest strategies using real historical data without the need of “fabricating” ticks as MetaTrader does.

You can find more info and examples in the other sections of this help.