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Export an Expert Advisor

You can find the Export button on the toolbar of the Editor page.

Export an Expert Advisor

The Export button export's the current strategy.

Available options:

  • Trading EA for MT4 - exports a trading Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4;
  • Signals EA for MT4 - exports a MT4 EA for rising signals and trade simulation.

An exported Expert Advisor is a file that holds all the necessary indicators in itself. It consists of 100% native MQL code and doesn't require third party libraries or indicators.

Loading an Expert Advisor in MetaTrader 4

  1. Copy the Expert to the MetaTrader's 4 MQL folder. You can find it from File → Open Data Folder menu.
  2. Refresh the Experts in the MetaTrader list. To do it, right-click on the list end select Refresh.
  3. Attach the Expert to a chart. If you are running several Experts, set the Expert's MagicNumber carefully.

Trading EA

The Trading EA works at brokers, which allows automatic trading of Binary Options experts. MetaTrader Tester cannot backtest binary option experts.

You can set the Expert Advisor input parameters from the Input tab of the EA starting form.

Trading EA Input

There are three kind of groups: Expert Properties, Indicator Parameters, Expert Settings.

Expert Properties

Investment - the trading amount of a new position. The different brokers use different input format. The most common variants are Lots (ex. 0.01 lot means 10 USD) and Currency.

Expiry (minutes) - the options expiry period in minutes. Please note that the brokers allow only specific periods to be used. Consult your broker's website for details.

Indicator Parameters

The Input form contains all numeric parameters of the included indicators.

Expert Settings

Magic Number - you have to set a unique Magic Number of every expert you run on same chart. In the other case, the different experts may interfere each other and produce wrong signals.

Order Comment Format - usually the brokers use a custom comment to the orders for setting the Option's Expiry. Every Binary Options broker uses its own format. Please check the programs support forum for examples: The Comment Format uses placeholders, which are replaced by the actual expiry value. SEC - expiry in seconds. MIN - expiry in minutes.

Signals EA

The Signals EA simulates Binary Options trading. It plots entry and expiration signs, position lines and emits alerts. It also calculates trading statistics. It is very useful for watching the signals on a MT Terminal and to trade manually on your real platform.

Signal EA Input

The first section of the Input panel contains settings for the trade simulation:

Expert Properties

Simulation account - the initial amount in currency.

Payout - payout rate in percent.

Investment - the investment amount in currency.

Indicator parameters

The Input panel exposes the numeric parameters of the indicators included in the Expert Advisor.

Expert Settings

Show Alerts - when this option is on, the EA shows warnings when there is a signal.