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Strategy Properties

Strategy Properties

Properties is the first information box of the middle part of the Editor page. The box shows the Investment amount and the option's Expiry.

When you click on the box, the Properties panel appears on the left hand side. There you can change the settings of the strategy.

When the Properties panel is open, you cannot edit the other parts of the expert. You have to close the panel first.

There are two control buttons:

  • Cancel button cancels all changes you have made and leaves the strategy unchanged.
  • Accept button applies your settings to the expert. BO Tester recalculates the strategy immediately and shows the corresponding stats and charts.


You set the Investment amount in currency. If you want to change the account currency, you can do that in the Settings page.

The Investment is the money you risk on the options trading. When the option you have traded expires “Out of the money”, you lose exactly the money you invested in the deal. On the other hand, when the market moves in your direction and the option expires “In the money”, you win a percentage of your investment according to the deal's Payout. You also recover the initial investment.

Example: You invest 10 USD and the Payout is 80%

  • Winning - position closes “In the money” - you recover the invested 10 USD and also win 8 USD (80% of 10). Your profit is $8.
  • Losing - position closes “Out of the money” - you lose your $10 investment.


The Expiry determines when your option expires. You set the Expiry in minutes. The possible values are always divisible by the data time frame. For example, if you work with M5 time frame, the possible Expiry values are 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes…