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Sharing Strategies

You can share your Binary Options strategy by using the Share button on the Editor's toolbar. When you click the button, the program saves the strategy to the cloud and returns a permanent link.

Share Strategy

You can copy the link by using the Copy button. When you visit that address, it will open BO Tester, with the strategy and its symbol and period.

Please note that the strategy will be the same as the one you created the link to, but the backtest results will probably be different. The reason is simple - BO Tester updates the market history data automatically and each time you open the program it calculates the backtest based on the most current historical data. This is a great opportunity to perform a test on future and unknown data.

Sharing a strategy is a great way to show the results of your work to others and it also can be useful when you are preparing a portfolio of tested strategies. You can save your links in the browser favourites list or you can make a text file or word document and to paste the links there with a comment for the current results and conditions.