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I am new to this so please forgive me if I ask an obvious question.  I want to create EA's for Bitcoin, Dash etc.  I do that see these anywhere on the FSB Pro platform.

Can I import data from my broker (Pepperstone) using the MT4 platform and how do I do this?

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Yes, of course. You can create secretaries for every symbol.

Theses hints may help you:
- Set the crypto symbol as CFD in FSB Pro.
- Remove the "min 100 traders" limitation from the Acceptance Criteria.
- Be careful when you set the SL and TP ranges.

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I guess my question wasn't very clear. I first need to import data from MetaTrader.  I can export data from MT4 in csv or json format.  I have added one of the exported files below.  Do I need to do anything else to be able to use this file in FSB Pro.    How do I import this data into FSB Pro?  How do I set up a new profile for Cryptocurrencies and how do I make it the default?

Sorry for so many questions.  Once I get started I should be able to find my way.  I just need a bit of help in the beginning.

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Kaviti, the Crypto symbols are absolutely normal symbols. You work with them as all other symbols you have in MT. Please have a look at the FSB Pro's User Guide and also to our videos.

Here is info of:
- How to set Data Source: Control Panel - Data Source
- How to set symbols: Control Panel - Symbols
- How to set Profile: Control Panel - Profiles

If you purchase the program, you will have access to the Premium club, where you will be able to download scripts for easier data export form MetaTrader.

Please watch our videos and you can apply 100% of what you see to the Crypto currencies.

Our colleague - Petko Alexandrov from EA forex Academy made special courses for traders specialized in Crypto Trading with our software. You can find the courses here: Cryptocurrency Forex Trading.

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It must be easier for you to set the BTCUSD as a forex symbol. In that way, FSB Pro will load the conversion rate of USD to your account currency and will calculate the profit correctly.

You have to set "Base price" for the other symbols and to set the Account exchange rate manually in the Control panel -> Account page.

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I am still having problems.  I have watched the training videos 5 & 6 several times. 

I have imported the data both by the script and the long way.  Every time I go to the new strategy I see data for the M1, D1 & W1. When I try to see data for the other values I get the message that it is "waiting for data...". 

I also notice on the M1, D1 & W1 that the Intraday Scanning says = Not Accomplished; ambiguous bars shows the same number as the Bars Scanned; and the Backtest Quality = 0%.  All three of these have a buff colour as the background.  Further down the list the System quality number = 0 and also has a buff background.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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Any idea what I am doing wrong?

More than 10, however it will take time to describe all the possibilities.

Please upload somewhere and link one of the files that cannot be loaded. I can make a more specific solution after that.

ambiguous bars shows the same number as the Bars Scanned

Do you have "Opening logic conditions" in the editor? If not, your strategy cannot decide whether to open a short or a long position.

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I tested your file sand you are right, some of them doesn't open. The reason is simple - the bars are shifted with 1 minute and FSB Pro cannot recognize the Bar Open Time,

Here is an example with Bitcoin M5 file:

2017.08.22; 10:01; 3786.1; 3791; 3769.8; 3786;  57
2017.08.22; 10:06; 3787.8; 3791; 3760.7; 3772.5; 50
2017.08.22; 10:11; 3768.3; 3769; 3746.5; 3756.4; 65

The bar open time is delayed with 1 minute. The correct times must be:

2017.08.22; 10:00; 3786.1; 3791; 3769.8; 3786;  57
2017.08.22; 10:05; 3787.8; 3791; 3760.7; 3772.5; 50
2017.08.22; 10:10; 3768.3; 3769; 3746.5; 3756.4; 65

How you can fix it:
- You can use a Replace function of some of the text editors (Notepad++ recommended) and to replace all:
    :01; with :01;
    :06; with :05;
- If you like programming, you can write a script to do the job. It is a little bit tricky, because you must consider the different time frames.

- Ask your broker for the case and for a solution.

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Thanks for finding the problem.  Unfortunately, you have not come up with a solution other than for me to write a script.  I don't know how to write a script.

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Kaviti, your broker has wrong bars. What solution you want from me? I already gave you hints how to make the files imported in FSB Pro.

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I have followed your hints.  I have converted the data.  I have looked at the data and I do not see any errors in the bars.  The O,H,L,C all look correct.  What do you mean the broker has wrong bars?  This is good data from Pepperstone so there should be no problems. 

What I want from you is help in figuring out why FSB will only read one file and no others.  Why is it reporting bad bars when they are good?  I am trying to get to the bottom of this and I need help.  I have paid a lot of money for FSB and I think it is a good program but, it is not working for me at the moment.

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I have converted the data.

Very well! It must not be so difficult right, and you will be able to use this for your future data.

What do you mean the broker has wrong bars? This is good data from Pepperstone so there should be no problems.

Obviously the bar Time is shifted with 1 minute. Please think how Pepperstone fits M5 bars in the higher time frames. Do a day starts with a partial M5 bar? Probably they invented new time scale. If this is a good standard, what about brokers that have an hour with exactly 12 M5 bars?

What I want from you is help in figuring out why FSB will only read one file and no others.

You may ask this question to all software developers in the word. Fortunately, I have a very specific answer for the FSB Pro case. The program requires data with a specific format in order to provide a reliable backtest. Reliably means here a backtets that corresponds to the real trading.The program refuses to accept data that violate the data format. Please see more details here:

FSB Pro needs the bar time to correspond to the time frame in order to manage the time related operations. For example the program may use intermediate data to solve ambiguous deals. If the intermediate bars doesn't fit correctly in the current time frame, the program cannot do it. FSB Pro also uses the  bar time to calculate the positions roll-over and to charge swaps. Tell me please what is the roll-over price at midnight for these bars:

2017.05.02; 23:01; 1430.1; 1433.2; 1417.2; 1425.2; 700
2017.05.03; 00:01; 1425.6; 1435;    1425.6; 1432.3; 357

Why is it reporting bad bars when they are good?

Because you and the software have different value system.

Anyway, I'm loosing my time with that. If you want, post the converted files to find the problem. If you want post your conversion program to examine it. You should know how to ask for help. How do you think I can figure out the problem without giving me any information.

By the way, it is difficult to find winning strategies for the Cryptocurrencies. The reason is that the good brokers have: bad or short data, very high spreads, very high swaps, very high gaps or execution quirks. It was possible to trade crypto's 6 months ago, but now I don't think so.

What I know for sure is that if your files are correct FSB Pro will load them. Post the files and I'll see what is wrong.

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Wow, the first two bars start at the correct minute for the H1 data.

2017.05.02; 01:00; 1397.6;1398.4;1389.6;1394.5;69
2017.05.02; 02:00; 1394.4;1403.8;1387.8;1388.5;274
2017.05.02; 03:01; 1388.4;1390.1;1385.2;1388.2;165
2017.05.02; 04:01; 1387.8;1413.7;1385.8;1412.1;420

Fortunately it is very easy to fix these by Search and Replace:

After the replacement, FSB Pro loads the files correctly.

Do you see that it takes 1 min to correct the file and FSB Pro loads the exactly provided 7372 bars without any complains? 

You can do the same for the H4 bars.

For the M30 bars you need two replacements:
1. :31; to :30;
2. :01; to :00;

No need of big drama.

Anyway, I do my best to make FSB pro to be as safe for your money as possible. The fact it doesn't accept wrong bars is one of the safety features. I added the data check on 2007. Yes, correct - 11 years ago. It serves well so far.

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I have an ongoing project to supply crypto data from Binace.
It will be in two forms:
- an online tool for downloading data in Excel, MT, FSB, and EA Studio format
- directly supplied in EA Studio un under the Premium Data set.

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Hello Mathewnathan,

Yes, it will be useful. I'm working on a dedicated data server right now.
I hope to run it in production within the week.
Then I'll start working on the integration with EA Studio, FSB pro and the other tools.

>  I usually want to keep track of my trades but I always have to do them manually

Have you tried CoinRang
It is an ongoing project, which provides a Crypto Trading Balance Sheet and also real-time update.

Open the "Balance" page and enter your order. The app will show you a log of the closed and the open positions.
CoinRang exports the tables in CSV for Excel.

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Re: Using Crypto Pairs

My friend advised me … 0x8a953cfe, where you can buy or sell crypto pairs at Binance and Coinbase spot exchange prices in real-time, without any commissions, maker and taker fees, leverage interest, or any other fees. You can view the full list of crypto pairs available to buy or sell in the app by clicking on the search sign in the upper right corner of the screen and typing the word "Crypto" in the search box.