Topic: Reducing lot size with open trade

I have a strategy with 0.2 lot size and now wish to reduce risk on this EA.  I can easily do this by going to properties of the EA and changing it to 0.1.

Now I have a trade open on this EA.  Will it simply close it correctly and then continue opening new trades with the 0.1 lot size or do I just have to close it manually?

I assume it should still close it at the correct lot size (0.2) as it is a simple close or am I wrong?

On a slightly different note, can I adjust the lot size of a individual strategy inside a portfolio by editing the mq4 files? - I haven't had a good look inside the file for this.

Re: Reducing lot size with open trade

i tried that before,
it will close it on 0.2, then it will open new trades (if any) on 0.1

Re: Reducing lot size with open trade

Many thanks!