Topic: Choosing what to trade from 2358 15min and 1700 1h EAs

Hello everyone,

For about a month I was creating and selecting strategies with decent equity curves for demo trading for 28 currency pairs.

After that I downloaded them into portfolios and put them to demo trade.

As all the strategies have a SL and TP, I also trade each of them in reverse.

There is now about a month worth of demo trading data on these strategies here:



I demo trade them with 0.01 lot.

All strategies are active from 02:00 till 23:00

Every day at 23:00, as all trades are closed, I download the day's data, analyze and sort it to choose magic numbers for the next day to copy trade to other accounts.

I have worked with sorting them by:
-Total profit
-Trading activity (from the most active to the least active traded during the days)
- pips profit factor

I need more ideas on how to choose “the best strategies” for tomorrow from the list. Because what I do is quite basic: sort all the strategies by profit and select x first strategies from the list with magic numbers to trade.

Maybe someone has more ideas how to do more calculations and how to choose from the strategies in order to copy trade profitably? Or has some programming skills to run some calculations on the data to choose strategies.

I could provide all portfolio eas of the currency pairs if someone would like to trade them if they find something usefull.

At the moment there are 2358 different 15min magic numbers and 1700 1h magic numbers demo trading.