Topic: Differences between FSBPRO and Metatrader

There have been a huge number of threads started regarding differences between the orders in FSBPro and MT4, as well as the differing data, and so on.

Many of these difficulties are similar in nature.

In order to save time for everyone, please post your difficulties in this thread. That will eliminate so many threads and also will allow there to be one source to locate solutions.

When submitting your difficulty, please attach some pics of the FSBPro  and MT4 journal, or charts to show the problem clearly. This will assist someone attempting to help you and also will save someone else time when they have a similar difficulty as the solutions will be posted in this thread also.

Everyone wants a solution to their difficulties, by keeping them in one place, it will be easier for all to solve problems.

Please refrain from opening a separate thread for data problems, use this one..

Thank you.

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Re: Differences between FSBPRO and Metatrader

A question about Time function EA's

Question 1)

Hi Guys, I have a question about the time frame used by FSB.  By looking at different NFP events during summer (DST) and winter (No DST), one can deduce that the FSB time frame is UTC/GMT.  This means that the data does not change or take into account the 1 hour offset during the summer and winter time transitions, while the broker does.

To put it simply, in FSB, NFP occurs at 13:30 during Winter and 12:30 during Summer.  However the broker times are always consistent, so for example my broker (Alpari) has NFP date stamp at 15:30, Winter or Summer.

Knowing this, if one creates a time function strategy, the FSB data should not be used, but one should use the brokers data.  I guess I could use the FSB data, if I create two versions of the strategy, each one catered towards the summer and winter hours.  Is this reasoning correct, or is there some program function in FSB that changes the UTC data during the one hour offset, so it will be consistent throughout the year? 

I presume it will always remain offset by one hour, and for time function EA’s, one must use the broker’s data.

Question 2)

I was reading in one of Blaiserboy’s post that he uses MT5 data.  Is MT5 data different or in any way better than the data downloaded from MT4?

Cheers, Pete.

Re: Differences between FSBPRO and Metatrader

Hey Pete

I use MT5 because, to me, it is easier to download the data using the script. The broker I use offers both MT5 and MT4 and I use both of those...

Re the time..... I have not compared them as same broker and most of my strategies are higher time frame.

Perhaps another person will reply re the time on the bars.


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Re: Differences between FSBPRO and Metatrader

The best practice is to use data from your MT account.  If we modify the time in the FSB data, the backtest will not correspond to the MT trade later. Some broker apply Daylight saving time on their data and it reflects on the backtest in FSB especially when we use Time indicators.


"Is MT5 data different or in any way better"
Yes, I can also confirm that downloading files form MT5 is a little bit easier. You don't need to load data in the charts with the "Home" key fore every period.

Anyway, I'm using MT4 data most of the time because the programming is somewhat easier and allows using several experts on a chart. However, this changes with the MT5 hedging accounts (once I figure out all current problems with it).

Re: Differences between FSBPRO and Metatrader

One of the aspects of creating trading strategies is the optimization and backtesting.....

Some folks think that using MT4 is just a super idea because they want to compare results.

Let me show you something that may be of interest.

Let's say that we feel that Drawdown and Consecutive Losing Trades are of great importance..

In FSBPro we can set these in the Control Panel under Acceptance Criteria.

In MT4 we use the Optimization feature when we start the optimizer......

Probably many folks do not use that feature because they are interested only in the take profit and oscillator optimizations.

But these do not give results or at least monitor results for drawdown and consecutive losers...

If you do set these to be in operation in MT4 you will find that your time for optimization will be over 50,000 hours.....

And because of the sloppy nature of the MT4 processing, the results may still be inaccurate.

Best practise is to use FSBPro to develop the parameters, test the parameters thoroughly and then, and only then, export to MT4 and then import from MT4 periodically to repotimize.

You can also see that the metrics shown by MT4 after your backtesting and optimizations are severely lacking, you are wasting your time depending on anything in MT4 except using it as a bridge for trading.

(I had wanted to attach some images but the PostImage service is not cooperating today)

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....