B2B Startup Pack
Everything you need to start selling!
B2B + 2 x Forex Strategy Builder Professional + Expert Advisor Studio
Forex Strategy Builder Professional - lifetime license ( 2 machines €2235 )
Expert Advisor Studio - lifetime account ( €1490 )
Trading courses 30 pcs - algo-trading with EA Studio and FSB Pro ( €4800 )
B2B Startup course - by Petko Alexandrov
EA Studio Integration code - for embedding EA Studio in your website
Access to a Control Panel - managing users accounts and statistics
Skype chat with the Lead Developer - Miroslav Popov
Weekend in Varna, Bulgaria - with Miroslav Popov and Petko Alexandrov
Authorization to use content - all presentation materials and help guides
B2B Startup Pack deposit now - €2990
Please contact us at info@forexsb.com for more details.

Partner Benefits

Direct Revenue


Get a nice commission for each sale you make. Sales can happen within EA Studio or on your own sales page. It is up to you to decide which one to use. If you sell EA Studio trough you own sales page you will get the money first. This makes things as safe as they can be for you. After that you can transfer our share to us.

Hot Leads Conversion

EA Studio Trial Accounts

EA Studio Trial Accounts allow potential customers to export Expert Advisors freely for two weeks. You will have access to the trial accounts' data in our Control Panel. You are free to use your trial accounts' data for marketing purposes.

General Benefits

More Value

Your website will have a greater value for the visitors. There is an actual app that the people will use.


The app is one more product that your company if offering. People will start seeing your company as greater and more developed. This in turn increases the perceived value of all the products and services you offer.

SEO Contribution

Higher Page Ranks

Our statistics show that people spend hundreds of hours using the app. The average user uses EA Studio for more than 50 hours per day. (People open it in multiple tabs). The longer people stay and use your website the better Google Page Rank you will get.

A Larger Community

Your visitors can use most of EA Studio without even registering for a trial account. This means you will retain some of them even if they never start a trial or if their trial expires. Even if someone cannot afford to buy EA Studio right now, they will increase the value of your website by improving page ranks and participating in your community.


Promote Other Products

You can email your EA Studio customers and promote other products too.

Start Selling

If you have a follower community and you are not selling anything to them yet, EA Studio is the perfect product to get you started. It has been tested by thousands of traders already and is working flawlessly.

Package with Your Other Products

You can package and sell your own products together with EA Studio. Create an e-book or a video course and include EA Studio in the package to get your clients started with a package with a ton of value in it.

Business Resources

EA Studio hosted on our server

We host the application and cover all its server expenses.

Educational Material

We have a YouTube channel with tens of hours of educational materials. Embed the videos in your website to increase user visit time. Aside from that this will allow users to educate themselves until they buy EA Studio.

User Guide Included

Your clients will want to read the help as they explore the program. This is why we included a copy of the help files within EA Studio. This will allow them to stay on your website while they read. This will additionally increase the time they spend on your page.

How to become a partner?

To become a partner please email us at info@forexsb.com