Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v2.9.0.0

Changes in the latest version - Forex Strategy Builder v2.9.0.0

    * The program can load custom indicators.
    * New, more sophisticated functions for calculating the signals included.
    * Aroon indicator was removed. Aroon Histogram indicator was included instead.
    * Indicators were rewritten in order to increase the calculation precision.
    * Relative Vigor Index indicator was added.
    * Data Horizon logic was improved.
    * Strategy Generator - Out of Sample testing was added
    * Strategy Optimizer - Out of Sample testing was added
    * Additional Statistics was added.
    * Oscillator of MACD was improved. New parameters were added
    * Hungarian translation was added. Contributed by Denes Bagi.
    * Russian translation was improved.
    * Trailing Stop Limit indicator was added. It sets a Trailing Stop Loss and a constant Take Profit levels.
    * Full Screen mode was added. Short key: Alt + Enter

There is more detailed info about the new features here … 283x-beta/