Topic: Abandoned trades

Hi guys,

So I’m currently running portfolios of FSB strategy’s using portfolio maker and I have a question:

On a stand alone (not portfolio) strategy, if I reinitialise the strategy or close MT4 and reopen with open trades does the strategy no longer monitor its already open trades?

Conversely does anyone know when using portfolio maker do the strategy’s abandon there open trades when closing MT4 or reinitialising?

I’m having a problem where the portfolios will just stop opening/closing trades with no errors. I reinitialise the strategy and that doesn’t work either I have to close the instance of MT4 and reopen.

Re: Abandoned trades

The FSB POro experts work smoothly after a restart or reload. The expert internally is implemented more or less as FSB Pro. It has several major parts:
- data manager that collects the necessary historical data for the indicators and the account statistics for the position calculation.
- strategy calculator - it calculates the builtin indicators
- trading engine - it uses the current data, teh positions status and the strategy to calculate if new orders are necessary.
- trading execution module - it sends the actual orders and monitors the execution.

All operations run at every tick. It means that the strategy becomes completely aware of what is the current account status and trade accordingly. The only exception (as far as I remember) is Martingale. It may happen to forget the count of the consecutive wins or losses.

I suppose that the Portfolio Maker doesn't break the proper strategies work.

Re: Abandoned trades

Ok perfect thanks for clearing that up Popov!