Topic: Minimum Count of trades bug

Hi, When I tick "Minimum count of trades" and put value of 100 I can get 20000 calculated and 0 strategies collected,
otherwise if I untick it and let the generator process without any acceptance criteria I get hundred's of strategies in few second with way more than 100 trades .
I think "Minimum count of trades" do not work correctly, and it is even worse if we combine it with other acceptance criteria obviously.

Thank you

Re: Minimum Count of trades bug

It looks like the Generator cannot find strategies that make 100 trades or more in your case.

Try to reduce the required number of trades or load more historical data.

Re: Minimum Count of trades bug

But when I untick the minimum count of trade the generator find hundred's of strategies with more than 100 trades in few second .
Why it is so hard for the generator to find strategies when the case is ticked ?

Re: Minimum Count of trades bug

The Generator composes the first strategy randomly.
If it doesn't pass the Acceptance Criteria, it ignores it and starts again.
Then, the Generator applies one operation to modify the strategy. The operation is chosen randomly and can be:
- Add, remove, or change SL.
- Add, remove, or change TP.
- Add, remove, or change BE.
- Change the Opening Point slot.
- Add, remove, or change a random Opening Logic Condition slot.
- Change the Closing Point slot.
- Add, remove, or change a random Closing Logic Condition slot.
The strategy is accepted or rejected depending on if it passes the Acceptance Criteria.

If you have stricter Acceptance Criteria, it is much harder for the Generator to find the first strategy.

To make it easier for the Generator, you must reduce the Acceptance Criteria or provide a better trading environment.

One possible workflow can be to generate many strategies and then revalidate them with the desired Acceptance Criteria.

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Re: Minimum Count of trades bug

I have let the generator working all night with theses acceptance criteria:

I had 0 strategies collected ! So you may said my acceptance criteria is too strict and That what I was thinking too .
So I have just unticked "Minimum count of trade" and now I have hundred's of strategies collected in few minute and maybe 30% of them have more than 100 trades.

I think the "minimum count of trade" are not working correctly or maybe thats just how it work and it is better for all of us to not use it .