Topic: New PC

Can anyone help me?
I was over 1 year not activ. Have Lifetime FSB Pro License. But i have a new pc.
How i can now FSB Pro install without Trial on my new PC?
Thank you, Marcus.

Re: New PC

Hello Marcus,

The fastest way it to use the Transfer License function in FSB Pro: License Management

If your computer is not reachable, you have to contact me and I'll release the previous installation record in the licensing data base.

(You can activate you license now)

Re: New PC

Thank you for answer. My old Pc is not more using for me.
Can you make per Mail the License or PM?

Re: New PC

In the month of August, I bought a new DELL computer which is Windows 10 Home I am facing some issues on my Windows 10 Home such as insufficient space to install new windows update, I am unable to play my DVD, my system has been slowed etc and here is some more issues on my facebook page those will be helpful for you.

Re: New PC

It sounds like your storage drive has become nearly full, not an easy job on most new computers with a hard disk drive; or does your computer have a small solid-state disk drive? 

You may have other problems, but it sounds like you need to make space by deleting some of the files you have added.  How much free space do you have remaining on your storage drive?