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I am a little confused on trying to create a strategy for an EA. One concept that I'm trying to understand is the Open and closing.

I get a feeling that the opening logic and closing logic aren't really related per se. and at each tick of data, the EA runs the opening logic to see if there's any "true" result for opening of an order, THEN followed by running the closing logic to check on existing positions.

It also seems that the opening/closing logic always linked by a AND logic instead of OR , or even XOR.

Re: Thought Process on creating Strategy

The Opening logic rules work with AND logic. The Closing rules work with OR logic.

The design principle is to be hard to enter and easy to exit. You may think for it as a strategy to be very careful when open a new position and to close it at the first danger (trend reversal for example) .

You may greatly expand the logic by using Logical Groups:

Re: Thought Process on creating Strategy

Thanks Popov

In this case, based on this design, i think it'd probably impossible to build an EA that takes multiple strategy as input. e.g. when it is ranging, use indicator A to determine entry, when up/down trend detected, use indicator BCD.

I think i'm imagining of multiple strategy for determining when to enter market.

But clarification for the easy exit is great.