Topic: Problem with reloading strategies with open positions (FSB-MT4 bridge)

First I let FSB produce few strategies. Then I will connect those strategies to MT4 platform through FSB Trader function and will number with ID=1, ID=2, ID=3, ID=4…. Each has, of course, also a different Magic Number. All strategies I am testing run in M1 time frame. Now, I will run this setup few days – everything works perfectly.

During the weekend, when market is closed, I wanted to filter the setup, adjusting some strategies and removing some. I will close all chart windows in MT4 and close all trading strategies in FSB. I will restart both MT4 platform and FSB.
Now I will open a strategy with ID=1 on FSB, and open a new chart for this strategy on MT4 platform, loading also a FSB-MT4 bridge for this chart. Everything is OK. I will open next strategy on FSB with ID=2 and open a new chart for it on MT4. But FSB-MT4 bridge cannot be loaded. The bridge will inform that “FSB-MT4 Bridge ID=2 is already running on another chart”.

To find out if this is a problem with FSB or MT4 I CLOSED FSB and tried to load the FSB-MT4 bridge to MT4 platform. It will result in same behavior: I can load strategy with ID=1, but not with ID=2, ID=3… I found out, that I cannot load a strategy if there is, in MT4, an open position with this ID number, but THIS IS NOT VALID FOR A STRATEGY WITH ID=1 – I can have open positions in MT4 with this ID number and the bridge will load OK anyway!

So I cannot today (Sunday AM) prepare my system for restart on Sunday's 21.00 opening of Sydney market (in my local time). I have to wait until the session starts, close all open positions, and restart adjusted strategies.

Re: Problem with reloading strategies with open positions (FSB-MT4 bridge)

How frustrating it must be for you.

I wonder why you prefer to use FSB bridge when export EA directly to MT4 would be much easier and require less consumption on your computer resources.   

Initially it's fine when u have a few EA, however if your portfolio started to grow, you may come to a point when you wished you have started using EA export n installed in MT4 directly and skip using the bridge.

Using export EA method, It saved me so much efforts, I don't have to re-set up and open all my EA on FSB trader every Sunday or whenever I restart my computer.  Now I just switched off on Sat and switch on during Sunday night my MT4 without having to do any set up and all my hundreds of EA are up and ready for trading.  This is the most helpful  and a tremendous useful feature I appreciated most when Popov added in this export function.

Re: Problem with reloading strategies with open positions (FSB-MT4 bridge)

If you clear global variables in MT it should fix the problem. I don't know though if open positions are recognized, they should be if I'm not mistaken

Re: Problem with reloading strategies with open positions (FSB-MT4 bridge)

Footon is right. You have to stop the EAs and clean the global variables. F3 on MetaTradeer. Normally the EA clears its variables automatically, but we never know what MT actually does.

EDIT: When the EAs are stopped, you can delete all global variables without problems.

The open positions will not be affected. The EA will find them using their Magic number.

Re: Problem with reloading strategies with open positions (FSB-MT4 bridge)

I want to thank all of you for helping me so immediately with my problem. Your advices help me to solve the problem of reloading strategies. Once again VERY BIG THANK YOU!