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Hello traders,
We are proud to announce the release of Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.0. We made many improvements and fixed many issues from the previous version. The program is more stable and reliable now.

New Features
  * Multi Markets tool can load data with different symbols and periods and from different Data Sources. It is useful to compare the strategy performance on data with the same symbol / period, but form different broker, demo or real account or from different time zone. Please note that the Multi Markets tool uses only the main data period for backtesting. If your strategy contains ambiguous bars, you have to test it with the Method Comparator tool.
  * Data Download tool can convert the downloaded data to a specified time zone. It is useful when you use our data download service to simulate trades for your broker on your time zone.
  * Improved Expert Advisor code. The experts manage better issues with the data simulations in the MetaTrader backtester. The experts execute a failed close signal at bar Closing at the next bar Opening. This allows setting of lower Closing Time Advance parameter for faster markets and lower time frames.
  * Included Arabic translation of the program’s user interface provided by Mr. Wael Moussa.
  * The program shows LTF (Longer time frame) info for the indicators in the Strategy Overview page.

Fixed Issues
  * Fixed and optimized almost all tools for preventing memory leaks.
  * Fixed a minor issue with scrolling of the indicators properties panel.
  * Fixed Save and Save As functions of cloned strategies.
  * System quality number, Sharpe ratio and Holding period return stats are set to zero for losing strategies.
  * Reduced the risk of a crash when program calculate strategies during reloading historical data.
  * Fixed the text of the strategy records tiles on Strategy Collections page.
  * Fixed Drawdown stats for the initial strategy in the Monte Carlo confidence table.
  * Fixed an eventual crash when finding the default strategy folder.
  * Fixed the number format of dynamic info of Small indicator chart.
  * All strategy tools recalculate the strategy and redraws if it is necessary.
  * Fixed crashes when closing "busy" strategies.

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Releases Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.0.1.

It fixes a crash when testing LTF strategies with the Multi Markets tool.

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Waoo, a very good Idear.

"Multi Markets tool can load data with different symbols "
This help to prevent curvefitting.