Topic: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.7.3

Hello Traders,
We are excited to present Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.7.3. This version comes with updated Expert Advisors code to v20, which is now more robust and reliable for live trading.

  • Exported Expert Advisors calculate automatically how many bars the expert needs for providing precise indicator signals.
  • The exported EA for MT4 has unique Magic Number. Using different magic numbers in the experts prevents conflicts on running several experts on one market.
  • The indicator chart does not scroll to the end after resizing of the program’s window or showing/hiding the info panel.
  • Improved the Russian, German and Bulgarian translation.

  • Fixed an issue with calculating Moving Average with horizontal shift.
  • Fixed the recalculation of the Indicator Chart after data reloading.
  • Fixed memory leak after long use of the Indicator Chart.
  • Added partial Hungarian translation.

You have to re-export you expert advisors after receiving the update of the MQL code. Please check the “Experts” tab of the MetaTrader Terminal after running an expert. The expert will calculate the required bars and will show a log record. An example massage is “The expert uses 750 bars”. The used bar range is between 50 and 3000. Please report any problems or unusual behavior of the exported expert advisors.