Topic: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.6

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.6 was released.

Fixed issues:

◾ Fixed crash when there is a Margin Call the first chart bar.
◾ Fixed various crashes when the strategy First Bar > Data Bars.
◾ Fixed an issue that shows not calculate strategy when a user tries to load a missing data file on another tab.
◾ Control Panel's Symbol Page updates the symbols list when a DataSource is updated from a History Center page

New Features
◾ Added GBP and JPY account currencies.
◾ The leverage can be any number between 1 and 1000.
◾ When a user changes the Account currency, the program updates the Account Exchange Rate for the selected currency automatically.
◾ When a user changes a Data Horizon parameter, the program reloads the data files automatically.

Please report any issues you may encounter.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.6

Hi Popov,

Sorry, I've difficulties posting the image in the PM but encounter no problem to upload the image via this discussion thread.

Attached is the image, whereby the Break Even doesn't move according to the break even entry of my last trading position for EA 16511

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v2.6

I forgot to mention that my Break Even for EA 16511 is BE 100, TP570 and SL450