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FSB Pro v1.5 Release Note

Forex Strategy Builder Professional (FSB Pro) v1.5 comes with an updated expert advisor named – “FSB-MT4 Bridge”. The new expert replaces the one, which FSB used – “MT4-FST Expert”.

The expert advisor consists of two files “FSB-MT4 Bridge.mq4” and “FSB-MT4 Bridge.dll”. The files work the same way the old expert did. We decided to rename it so we can introduce new features, without the limitation of the legacy FST software.

We updated the program for automatic installation of the files mentioned above. We now call it “Bridge Installer”. It is included in the new FSB Pro distribution.

FSB Pro v1.5 and the further versions will connect to MT4 by using the new expert - “FSB-MT4 Bridge”. It will not be possible to use the old expert. However, the installation program does not delete the old expert because it is necessary for the legacy Forex Strategy Trader.

We forced FSB Pro v1.5 to use full installation in order to install the new MT4 Expert.

Changes in the new version:

  • Renamed and updated expert advisor file names to “FSB-MT4 Bridge.mq4” and “FSB-MT4 Bridge.dll”.
  • Renamed and updated program for automatic expert advisor – “Bridge Installer”.
  • Trade Settings has become better. Now when you change the “Recommended Bars” option, the program refreshes the current connections. FSB Pro switches off currently auto trading connections for safe reasons.
  • Fixed crash when user switches a strategy to Trader mode during loading of data with shorter periods.
  • Many little fixes in the interface.

Please read the User Gide articles for installing and connecting FSB Pro to MT4.

Connecting to a MT4 Chart

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.5

Dear users,

We released Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.5.1. It is a minor update that fixes some UI issues. It comes with updated demo strategies.

FSB Pro v1.5.1 Release Note

    • Updated custom Acceptance Criteria file in Custom Code folder
    • Renamed Monte Carlo Tests tab to Simulations
    • Renamed Start Page button for opening the Strategy Repository
    • Fixed the name of the Repository toolbar button.
    • Updated some icons
    • Updated all demo strategies.

This version is available for auto-update from v1.5.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.5

Forex Strategy Builder Professional is updated to v1.5.2.

Release Notes

    • Added Free mode. See more for Free and Professional Mode
    • Fixed a crash when updating Account Exchange Rate of symbol not included in our online service.
    • Fixed a crash when deleting a Profile, which has no saved configs file.
    • Added action buttons and link on the yellow notification bar.
    • Fixed minor user interface typos and other issues.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.5

Dear Popov
Regarding the change in the signs of swap rates, I believe that such a change should have been better announced when a user updates to the new version. Otherwise it would easily go unnoticed and have detrimental consequences in strategy generation.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.5

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.5.3

Dear users,

We released Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.5.3. The program comes with updated Bridge installer. The installation file also includes Microsoft VC++ prerequisite for the bridge library.


  * Fixed the text of some strategy properties options
  * Removed "Lot Limiter" indicator.
  * Added a link to the "Quick Start Guide" in the help.
  * Added MS VC++ redistributable to the installation.
  * Bridge Installer shows the MT4 Terminal names (if it finds their description).
  * Installation program installs VC++ 2010 and FSB-MT4 Bridge silently.
  * Fixed zero line of histogram indicator charts.

The automatic update updates the FSB Pro files only. If you want to use the new Bridge Installer, you have to download and install the program from the download Page.