Topic: Forex Strategy Builder Professional v1.3

Forex Strategy Builder Professional is updated to v1.3

The program comes with two modes a Free mode and a Professional (licensed) mode:

- The Free mode works for unlimited time. It includes strategy editor and trader. The Free mode is designed to be used for trading on a separate machine or a virtual servers. The Free mode doesn't require a Professional license.

- The Professional (licensed) mode is active during an initial trial period of 30 days or after activating a Professional license. This mode opens the full functionality of the program. It is designed for creating, testing,  analyzing and trading strategies.

There is no difference in the auto-trader functionality between the Free and the Professional mode.

After installation, the program starts in a trial Professional mode for 30 days. When the trial period expires, the program switches to free mode.

New features:

- Added Min lot and Lot steps parameters in Control Panel - Symbols,


- Canceling entry orders when the requested trade amount is lower than the Symbol's Min lots. This is valid for both tester and trader.


- Minor fix of MT4 HST files import;
- Portfolio - fix a bug leading to program crash,
- Journal data and Portfolio export to Excel spreadsheet made asynchronous.
- Fixed bug that makes Save buttons inactive on a changed strategy,
- System Quality Number is limited to 100 to prevent crashes on special cases,